Ylang-Ylang Perfum by 8pmstore

Do you like the aroma of Ylang-ylang? ⁠

The Ylang-ylang flower has been used for centuries in perfume development, aromatherapy, and to decorate events.

Today, not only is its fragrance enjoyed, but also its healing properties, as it has been shown to have numerous sedative qualities and the ability to balance extreme emotions. ⁠

Other of its therapeutic qualities: ⁠

- Antispasmodic; ⁠

- Helps fight insomnia; ⁠

- Cell regenerator; ⁠

- Antidepressant and sedative; ⁠

- Powerful aphrodisiac; ⁠

- Helps to balance sexual functions in women (it helps when libido low, for example due to stress) or to improve hormonal balance related to the reproductive system; ⁠

- Helps relieve discomfort caused by intestinal infections; ⁠

- Helps improve mood and stimulates positive emotions. ⁠

⁠More Info:

In ancient times, the ancient English natives used a ylang-ylang-based ointment to prevent fevers and infections.

It has also been used as an antiseptic in various periods to combat malaria and typhus.

Key components:
Sweet and pleasant fragrance, pure and penetrating, providing well-being reminiscent of wild landscapes. ⁠

The base is organic coconut oil, and organic essential oils of Ylang-ylang, mixed with the sweet aroma of bergamot and the spicy freshness of grapefruit.

Handmade by 8pm staff.

Ylang-Ylang Perfum

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