The ceramic pieces made to look like cabbage leaves are amongst the most distinctive and reproduced Bordalo Pinheiro creations. They became so popular they spread to dishes, bowls, cups or this salt & pepper, for instance.
Until today, they are present in every portuguese table that like coolness everywhere! For that reason, we wanted to share our portuguese heritage in 8PM STORE and with you.

So, in every trip back home we personal handpick every piece. We were raised with this influences and we want you to know them:

- Bordallo Pinheiro, was one of the most influential people of nineteenth century Portuguese culture, with a remarkable production particularly regarding the areas of humoristic drawing, caricature and ceramic creation. His work represents an unsettling, ever timely reality and a fundamental document for political, social, cultural and ideological study of a time period. For that reason the Cabbage Collection was so importante.

Behind every plate, in its rough and flat form, could be used as a metaphor for Portugal’s rustic ways, which Bordallo had so many times caricatured. This was a clever way to honour it, placing it on the bourgeois’ tables, where other way it had not been invited.
Adopting a modern and entrepreneurial approach, Bordallo Pinheiro plays an essential role in the revitalization of Portuguese ceramics and of the artistic heritage of its factory, Fábrica de Faianças Artísticas, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, in the national as well as the international scene.


Bordallo Pinheiro remains faithful to tradition through the use of ancestral manufacture techniques and the naturalistic motifs at the root of the brand’s great project. At the same time, it gives its lines a contemporaneous dimension, thanks to the excellence of its production and its continuous reinvention, both at the aesthetic and technical level. The brand’s utilitarian and decorative pieces continue to feed our collective imagination and to take the prestige of Portuguese culture and industry one step further.


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