Gourmet Line Like the good old-fashioned Azorean style, Santa Catarina’s tuna maintains the best of its nature, ensuring the best tuna flavour, as well as its nutritive properties with a sustainable approach.
With your personal touch, you have everything to prepare surprising appetizers or even true feasts.

Santa Catarina’s fillets are characterized by their smooth flavour, lightly salted, a soft texture and a pinkish colour. They may be accompanied with greens and fresh vegetables and seasoned with virgin olive oil.

Let meet this Portuguese Specialties Canned Tuna 120g by name and flavour:

- Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil with Thyme:
The aromatic herbs and in this case the Thyme, is also has its origins in São Jorge’s “fajãs”, where in their gardens are cultivated all the spices and aromatic herbs.
- Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil with Oregano: Delicious and sustainably fished skipjack tuna fillet seasoned with oregano, conserved in olive oil and lightly salted.
- Tuna Bellies in Olive Oil “Ventresca”: The richest part of the tuna, the belly, preserved in olive oil and lightly salted.
- Tuna with hot Chilli Peppers: the “piri-piri”, and the traditional use of spices in the Azorean Central Group, specifically in the São Jorge Island and in Terceira, is directly linked to the Discoveries period and with the Spice Trading Route. The ships, in the Discoveries period and during the Indian Trading Route, on their way back to Portugal came to Terceira and São Jorge islands to get fresh water and as a thanking note for their hospitality, they gave hot chilli peppers, cinnamon, pepper and a great array of Spices in return, and that ended up creating a gastronomically tradition in São Jorge.
- Tuna Filet In Olive and Rosemary: Tuna fillets preserved in olive oil and rosemary, from the island of São Jorge.

- Tuna Filet in Olive Oil and Caril: Tuna fillets preserved in olive oil and curry, from the island of São Jorge.
- Tuna Filet in Olive Oil and Basil: Tuna fillets preserved in olive oil and basil, from the island of São Jorge.
- Tuna Filet in Olive Oil: Tuna fillet preserved in virgin olive oil, from the island of São Jorge. 

About the company:
Heir of an old cannery tradition of the São Jorge Island, Santa Catarina’s factory brings to your table the best tuna prepared according to artisanal methods used by the old cannery masters.
The global trend towards the exploitation of tuna by large commercial fleets is countered in the Azores by a commitment to quality over quantity. The tuna fish is caught on the Azorean sea, using the Pole and Line method (1 man, 1 fishing rod, 1 fishhook, 1 tuna fish) without any sort of predatory activity, being the only fishing method to be considered Dolphin Safe and environmentally sustainable. It is then manually laboured in Santa Catarina’s factory. The tuna fish is manually laboured, as well as the peeling and preparation of all of the ingredients for the tuna paste, as well as filling the containers and labelling them.
All of our tuna pastes are manually laboured, without any kind of emulsifiers, sweeteners, preservatives or any sort of additives or technological aids. Thus, it’s basically a handmade product. Its ingredients, such as the milk, onions, peppers, garlic, parsley, red pepper paste, etc., all have their origin on the Fajãs of São Jorge as well, where all of the ingredients on this recipe are grown and cropped. Once again, this is an exclusively handcrafted product, where the onions, garlic and parsley, are all manually cut with all the love and care of the São Jorge’s people.

All products were handpicket and selected by ourselves in our visits back home and thought special for you!There's no way to feel more loved than threat yourself or your love one in the right way!


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