Xmas Gift Box II, curated by us!

This box as one vegetal soap from the collection Confiança called the "Technical Soaps"  plus a handmade ceramic sparrow!

About our sellected products:


Portuguese CONFIANÇA "Technical" Soaps

Leite de Burra - Donkey's Milk (Blue Package)

Donkey Milk is renowned for its unique properties in improving the look and feel of skin. It's said that Cleopatra herself took baths in donkey milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin! It's believed that Donkey Milk effaces the wrinkles in the face, renders the skin more delicate and preserves its whiteness.

Anti-ageing action

Delicate to all skins

Enriched with Talc

Specially useful for preserving the youth of the skin. Leaves skin soft with a smooth touch; protects and restores skin cells.

Complex scent with milk notes, complemented with vanilla, coconut and flowers.

Alcatrão - Pine Tar (Orange Package)

With vegetable tar, the antiseptic properties of the Confiança Alcatrão soap have long been recognized.


Specially useful for removing germs and for small infections. Contains pine vegetable tar allowing a deeper cleansing of the skin.

It does not contain perfume in its composition; characteristic odor of vegetable tar.

Enxofre - Sulfur Soap (Red Package)

Formulated with sulfur, whose antiseptic properties and anti-dandruff are indeed recognized. The sweet almond oil softens and smooths the embedded skin during use. Ideal for oily skin. Helps keep hair clean and radiant by restoring its purity.


With almond oil for skin smoothing and moisture

Specially useful for treating Acne and Dandruff

It does not contain perfume in its composition. Characteristic odor of sulfur.
Argila - Green Clay (Grey Package)
This soap contains green clay, naturally rich in mineral salts. Eliminates impurities and oiliness. It has an effect that softens and smoothens the skin. Proper to all skin types, leaves the skin clean and purified.

Floral scent with predominant notes of carnation, citrus (from orange and lemon), and sandalwood.

Aromático - Aromatic (White Package)

With a representative image of Confiança of yore, recovered from the company's archives, this soap was specially developed for daily skin hygiene.

Formulated with 100% vegetable soap base and with a pleasant scent, it leaves the skin clean and slightly scented. It can be used in daily body and face hygiene.

Floral fragrance with a touch of ylang-ylang and citrus.

Products not tested on animals.


Portuguese  Ceramic SPARROW

Sparrows are a symbol of portuguese culture since the days of the Discoveries back the XII century.

They symbolize eternal love and the knowledge of always knowing how to return home.

Handmade by Faiobidos, located in Óbidos, Gaeiras, this sparrows are a typical palissy style decorative from this stoneware company.



All products were handpicket and selected by ourselves in our visits back home and thought special for you!


There's no way to feel more loved than threat yourself or your love one in the right way!


The perfect gift!

Collect beautifull things & Offer joy!






Esta caja contiene un jabón vegetal de la marca portuguesa Confiança, de la colección "Jabones Técnicos" y una golondrina de cerámica hecha a mano!


Acerca de nuestros productos seleccionados:





Golondrina de cerámica portuguesa

Las golondrinas son un símbolo de la cultura portuguesa desde la época de los Descubrimientos allá por el siglo XII. Simbolizan el amor eterno y el conocimiento de saber siempre volver a casa.


Hechas a mano por Faiobidos, ubicado en Óbidos, Gaeiras, estas golondrinas son un típico estilo palissy decorativo de esta empresa de gres.

¡El regalo perfecto!


¡Colecciona cosas hermosas y ofrece alegría!



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