Mini Xmas Gift Box, curated by us!

This box contains one Mask Holder, one zero waste mask handmade by Inês plus a hand sanitizer also made by us!

The perfect gift!

Collect beautifull things & Offer joy!

About our sellected products:

- Mask Holder, handmade with plastic beads in diferente colors and shapes.


⁠- Zero Waste Mask, this hygienic handmade mask protects a way of producing: local and with great respect for the environment! ⁠

Inês makes each hygienic mask in a sustainable way by reusing natural fabrics and using natural dyes that it uses in the tie dye process. Our masks are designed and produced in our store under the 8PM seal. ⁠ If you spend these days around 8PM you will see her, how she does them carefully. We have named it after our grandmother AURORA, who was a seamstress and she taught us to sew when we were little girls on summer holidays in the north of Portugal.

They can be brought to 60 degrees and we recommend that you do so at the end of each day.


- Mint WYFH Sanitizer, everything you need to keep your hands clean and fight germs.


Product made with organic essential oils with antiseptic actions that will help us fight germs. Keep your family safe and healthy and FRIENDS: clean your hands!


Ingredients: 96% Alcool, Distilled Water, Organic Lemon Essential Oils and Oregano Essential Oil



Gift Box Handmade BY 8PM

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