Elite Soap, 50 g by Claos Porto's

Claus Porto's soaps are handmade, using only natural ingredients and including shea butter.
The secret behind their quality lies in the milling process, repeated seven times, ensuring that the bars maintain their fragrance and consistency till the very end, as well as their creamy foam.

Ach. Brito, the oldest soap and perfume factory in Portugal, was founded in Porto in 1887.
The quality of its products (still handmade, using only natural ingredients) and the beauty of its retro labels (manually wrapped to this day) have achieved world recognition.

Claus Porto, its premium brand, has become synonymous with luxury.

Information about the Elite's Soap:
Warm and sensuous, this soap will comfort and delight your senses. Elite’s silky formula contains shea oil, a well-known ingredient for its nourishing properties. It gently cleanses and scents the skin, giving it a velvety feeling. Each soap is wrapped in a unique design that has made the brand famous for over 130 years.

Top Notes:
Bergamot, mandarin
Heart Notes: 
Cedar, sandalwood
Base Notes:
Musk, amber

7 x 4 x 3,5 cm.


Elite Soap

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