Small Bowl w/ Orange Flowers by Aldeia Jose Franco

This are handpainted by hand. Every piece is different, containing flowers paintings on the inside. 

- 6.5 x 4 cm

Why do we love them?

Aldeia Jose Franco's is a place that we would visit with our gradpa and the history of this place reflects love! Around 1945 José Franco dreamed that he could, in his spare time, build at the foot of his house and his potter's workshop a living museum of his land, a kind of great foreskin that would reproduce the customs and labor activities of the time of his childhood and some fundamental aspects and activities of the peasant life. And so, day by day, his work was born and growing.

Since is dead, artisans keep his dream alive and reproducing his pieces!
We bring to 8PM Store a sellection of their more iconic pieces, handpicked one by one for you!

Every piece is Handpainted, therefore Unique!
Handmade in Portugal, Ericeira.

Egg Holder w/ Orange Flowers

8,00 €Price