Off-White Cross Zipper Bike Jacket by Georgina Vendrell - Size Medium

This jacket was designed for the Darklight Collection. The designer has opted for an avant-garde, contemporary, architectural silhouette using wool. It caracterizes by pure lines and unisex style.

Off-White Wool Pants by Georgina Vendrell - Size 40

This pants were designed for the Darklight Collection. It goes perfectly with the Off-White Cross Zipper Bike Jacket to a total look, that speek volumes about minimal streetwear style. 

You also can match with other options. The style of this pants are very timeless due to their perfect construction. 

Unisex and Genderless.

Unique Piece;
Soft cotton-wool off-white fabric;
Light and comfortable;
Limited edition.

Materials & Finishes:
Georgina Vendrell uses high quality materials.
All garments are designed and produced entirely in Barcelona by the brand.

Darklight's Off-White Outfit

300,00 €Price
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