Beige Mask by 8pmstore

This hygienic zero waste handmade mask protects not only you and others plus the environment! ⁠ ⁠Inês makes each hygienic mask in a sustainable way reusing natural fabrics and using natural dyes. Our masks are designed and produced in our store under the 8PM seal. If you pass these days around our shop, you will see how she does them carefully. We have named it after our grandmother AURORA, who was a seamstress and who taught us to sew when we were little girls on our summer vacations in the north of Portugal. ⁠ ⁠They can be washed at 60 degrees and we recommend that you do so at the end of each day.


Being unique pieces our stock varies.Write to us by DM to check availability, indicating the color you want.

Remember that a hygienic mask is only effective if it is used correctly, fitting the upper part of the nose to below the chin without gaps. Use it all the time you are outside and avoid touching it.
No mask is 100% effective but it can help keep you and others safe when combined with social distancing and regular hand washing!

Thank you for choosing an 8PM handmade Mask :)


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