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Intro By Ines Barroso

Interview, Catarina Barroso

Words, Margaux Bastid Entrevista Margaux founder of MOSAIC FLOWERS 1. Like / Don't Like I like trying to understand a conversation in a language I don’t speak / I don’t like beetroots

I like going for a swim in cold water / I don’t like being told what to do

2. Para que nuestros seguidores te conozcan un poco mejor, ?¿Quién es Margaux?

I’m Margaux, self-made floral artist who decided to quit her corporate job in Geneva to change life 2 years ago. I founded in Feb 2020, 1 month before Covid.

I live in Barcelona, in Vila de Gràcia, with my husband Arthur, ice cream maker, and my dog Ed.

I like to bring to life floral creations, be inspired, eat 4 cheese pizzas, walk in Gràcia, write, wake up early, swim in the sea and listen to music.

3. Hablanos de cómo empieza tu trayectoria. ¿Recuerdas cuándo empezaste a interesarte por las flores y cómo surge Mosaic flowers?

About 3 years ago, when I was working in Marketing for Nespresso in Switzerland, I had the growing feeling that I wasn’t exactly at the right place. On paper, everything was fine, I had a good job, I was married. But deep down I had the unease feeling I had something to give to the world that was on hold. I started writing articles for a website in Geneva, meeting with people of different environments. I started talking to people who had changed jobs and were super happy about it.

I quit my job without knowing what to do. My husband Arthur was also going through a similar questioning. We decided to make a change, starting by choosing the city where we felt good before deciding on our next professional move. We went to Barcelona, fell in love with Gràcia, found a flat and moved there. I always knew I wanted to use my creativity to make people’s heart smile, but was not sure of how to do this. For months and months, I went through a deep introspection, that was anything but linear. To cut a long story short, one day I had flowers delivered to a friend in London. I saw her face when receiving them. This is when I told myself: “this is the feeling I want to give to people”.

I went to a 3 day course on floristry only to realise I wanted to find my own style of floral arrangement. For months, I went to the market, learnt on plants from horticulturists and practising at home. I also talked to florists and understood that the flower market could be modernised in Barcelona in so many fields: the way flower arrangements were made, the communication, the distribution…

This is when I started to create a website with an online flower shop. The name Mosaic came very naturally. I was taking pictures of the bouquets in the streets, playing with the coloured walls of Gràcia. When looking at the pictures, I realised the mix and match of colours, proportions, styles and sources of inspirations. It made me think of a mosaic. Et voilà.

The first year was extremely rich and intense. It’s pretty simple, I never said no to anything. I was so eager to experience everything, to try, toi discover. Collaborations, workshops, events… it was non stop. After a year, I’m now really excited to be even more creative. I’m completely comfortable seing myself as a floral artist, more than a florist and to move forward in this direction.

4. ¿Cómo era tu relación con las flores cuando eras una niña? ¿Qué ha significado para ti emprender? I would love to tell you that I have countless memories of flowers when being a kid. That my grandmother was a florist who transmitted her passion. But this would be a big fat lie. My interest in flowers only came during the intropesction process that started 2 years ago. “Emprender” means having the energy to experience something you are passionate about. It means having the courage to fight for something that feels right. It means being creative and audacious to build your own path, despite what others may say. It means wanting to do things differently. 5. ¿Cuál es el proceso desde que tienes una idea hasta que empiezas a crear los bouquets? Háblanos de cómo surgió la idea del bouquet sorpresa y que quieres transmitir con tus creaciones.

I love to say that inspiration comes from everywhere and that creativity has no limits. To say this also means that my brain rarely stops. I’m constantly stimulated by my environment, people, details, music, fashion, streets, painting… When going to the flower market, the first thing that catches my attention is colours. I’m attracted to all of them, the brighter, the better. Being inspired is a very intuitive process that I find hard to explain. Once I got the flowers from the market, I would go to my studio, put music on and this is when the magic happens. I just let myself go, it’s very flowing.

Sometimes people want to contribute to the creation of the bouquet. The approach is very interesting and enables me to connect with humans at such a deep level. Trying to understand how a person sees someone and how to express this with flowers, their colours, their characteristics…

6. Estás lanzando tu primera instalación, ”Flower Experience” en Le Bath Gallery. Háblanos de ella.

Constantly looking for new approaches of expressing my creativity, I'm always looking for different ways of mixing arts, purposeful collaborations and meaningful encounters. This is how I met Inês and Cata, founders of 8PM Store and Le Bath Gallery.

Being commissioned to do floral installations for an event, I realised she had never done those before. With Inês, we decided to use Le Bath Gallery as a way to experience, experiment and create different floral installations.

What started as the desire to learn how to create floral structures ended with the ambition to share with people what goes behind the creative process.

“The Flower Experience” is a physical and creative experience for people who want to observe the creative process and witness art in the making. For people who want to immerse themselves and contribute to the creation of a floral installation. For the floral artist behind, Margaux, who is experiencing new ways of expressing her creativity. This is why, in this space, you will

  • Be involved in the making of a floral structure

  • Witness different stages of floral creations being made

  • Experience the never ending creative process

7. ¿Algún otro proyecto entre manos del que nos puedas hablar? ¿Qué es lo mejor y lo peor de trabajar por y para ti? ¿Y con colaboraciones?

I’ve started doing floral creations for brands, conveying through flowers their vision and values. It’s fascinating and I love the approach from the beginning to the end.

This summer, I will also do floral scenography for events such as weddings. I just can’t wait. Thinking of how to give birth to a floral experience in a space. It’s really taking the floral art to a whole new level, pushing my creativity even more.

I would say that I’m very passionate, driven and it’s hard for me to stop. I realise that this has enabled me to be where I am today, but I’ve also learnt that not everyone is like this. I’m so passionate about what I do, that finding the balance with my personal life is my biggest challenge.

8. ¿Qué significa para ti el acto de crear? y, ¿Nos dedicarías un autorretrato?

To create is to express yourself. It is to be brave enough to go deep down, connect with how you’re feeling and share it with people.

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