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Our Story.

8PM™ is a multidisciplinary studio based in Barcelona.

We started in 2017 as an online and offline platform to discover and shop local, sustainable and consciously curated goods. Since November 2022 we upgrade our services. 

Guided by a holistic point of view that values craftsmanship and quality, we personally selected the 60 upcoming designers and 50 visual artists that we collaborated with until November of 2022. In this light, we ensure a selection of aspirational goods, that assured quality over quantity, timeless, genderless choices, keeping a special attention to details and to the environment. 
We always cared about choosing consciously, to slow down and to transparency: 
- for us, the main keys to a conscious consumerism was promoting a circular economy. We make sure that
8PM values were part of the change.

About Us.

More then being sisters or being two entrepreneurial women, with jobs descriptions like:
- one is an architect and the other is a visual artist/art director;
we are two individuals that believe in love.
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