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Apron™ Pop-UP  — 2022

Immersive Experience

Physical Event

Physical/Digital Events & Experiences

We work giving narrative to the events, pop-ups and images with the identity and brand values of each project. We listen to your projects and develop a creative visual proposal, where we choose each element and the place where they should be, in order to make the most of your brand image. Ready to take this ride with us?


Apron Pop-Up

October, 2022 — 8PM Store, Le Bath Gallery

Client: Apron
Year: 2022
Tags: Art Direction, Set Design, , 
Advisory, Brand Strategy, Events, Ephemeral // Immersive Experience

Apron is a sustainable brand from Barcelona. We featured it in our concept store in the beginning of 2022. Since we started the collaboration we knew that we shared values, so when they reach out to us to make an event in our space we knew that the answer was going to be positive and the night unforgettable.
We adapted the space that we had already designed for The Kitchen [ephemeral experience] to be the set design of the photoshoot plus to receive the night event for the pop-up.


Apron™ Pop-Up — Collab 8PM™ 
Set Design Creators (AD 8PM™ x Albert Morera de Bes)


"We are APRON™, a brand with a human story behind it. A social commitment to transparency, sustainability, respect for the environment, for yourself and for those around you. More than a clothing brand, we are a lifestyle."

Peta Moreno, Founder of Apron™

Apron™ Pop-Up 8PM™ — Event Night

"The event was highlighted by the various sponsorships, the eclectic music of Histoire D'un Soir, a floral installation from Mosaic, plus the hundreds of people who came to the store to experience not only 8PM™, but the space created for the night of the event and to meet the brand and the clothes in-situ. It was an evening of good energy, shared values and sense of community! "

Catarina Barroso, Founder of 8PM™


The Art of Conceptualizing


Sharing the same values with the brand on sustainability and consumerism, we were sure that this collaboration would allow us to create something mesmerising: an immersive exhibition, which showed that creation has no limits. Developing the initial concept into the final result obtained, was the path to debugging a set of ideas. The room had a very spatial feel, deprived of secondary elements, where the raw materials were the main focus. By purifying each concept through the use of silver paper, we were able to create a room that exalted the individual's confrontation with an industrial material disassociated with the natural. In the end, one confronts oneself and one's thoughts. There is a feeling of emptiness that makes the brand's values omnipresent and evident. We can say, that we offered an almost religious experience, which connected all the conceptual and individual elements into one.

Social Network

On the nights of the event, we use traditional advertising to promote ourselves with indirectly communication. On tags, throughout flyers or posters, any graphic element designed had a purpose:
making sure we were memorized, tagged and shared by digital activation through transmedia. 
By collaborating with different sponsors we reassure that the spread of content is bigger and that can get viral. 

We were promoted by Tendencias.Tv on this pop-up plus tagged by trend instagram influencers, receiving a growth of 15% of new followers in our account in a 3 hours event.


"8PM™ stands out for its innovative essence, for its constant need to bring art to all kinds of audiences. With modern, contemporary and street art as inspiration, our space offers products from modern, contemporary and emerging artists. How many art and design lovers have despaired because they have not found a specific piece with values of responsible consumption? Possibly many. And that is what 8PM™ Concept Store aims to put an end to with the wide range of products and experiences it offers."

Ines Barroso, Co-Founder of 8PM™

Art Direction, Set Design, , Advisory, Brand Strategy, Events, Ephemeral // Immersive ExperienceApron™, 2022
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