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Talking about sustainability — 2021


Explore how cultivating a community of activists, scientists, designers, social entrepreneurs and change-makers can lead to regenerative solutions for the problems we face today. Together, we can promote locally changes through creative practice, by investing in our ideas of what the future should look like. What does the future look like to you?


Resilience Through Responsibility

June, 2022 — Casa Taos, Emergent Futures Festival

Client: IAAC - MDEFEST Talks
Year: 2021
Tags: Education, Sustainability

Jasmine Boerner and David Wyss invited us to be part of the panel discussion on the Emergent Future Festival commissioned for IAAAC and Elisava to speak about Alternatives Presents, Change Makers, Sustainability and Conscious Consumption. Along side Tomas Diez (Director of Fab Lab Bcn), Paolo Benavides (Founder of Casa Taos) and Marc Benito Padró (Co-founder of Fos Barcelona) we spoke about the importance of slowing down, connecting with the community and growing our awareness and consciousness about our surroundings and habits of consume.

8PM™ — Local Action turn into Global Actions 
Small Business supporting Local Designers and Production

"It is our role as creatives and entrepreneurs to develop a holistic understanding of the causes and consequences of climate emergency. It is our responsibility to push for social innovation by recognizing emerging ideas and lifestyles that cultivate a healthier social and planetary ecosystem. It is our responsibility to proactively co-create the futures we want to see!"

Jasmine Boerner, Creator of Matters Of Sustainability — MDEFest Talks  

8PM™ — Exploring Conscious Consumerism

Since we met Jasmine, our conversations ended up somehow talking about sustainability and the importance of these values and how we could change our reality. Talking about consumer behaviour and understanding the misinformation on this topic was important to take into consideration, especially understanding how we could help in our community.

When we choose to buy, which also means investing, in a small business, in a business with conscious values, in a business with transparency, in a business that puts sustainable practice at its core, we are not only helping to support local small and medium-sized businesses - but we are investing in sustainable practices. It's enabling this kind of awareness to stay alive and grow. 

It's saying this is what I want to see more of and this is what the future should look like.

The way you spend your money is actually supporting the current systems at play.


Being aware of how products are made, how they affect the workers involved, the environment, and our economy is being a conscious consumer. If you want to support living wages, support sustainable production, sustainable growth systems and local economy - your purchase is power and part of the change. 8PM™ Store was born to fight the system and to empower customers, the makers of change.


Slow Movement as a response to massive consumerism


The Slow Movement is a movement that proposes a cultural change towards the slowing down of everyday life (this designation was first attributed by Carlo Petrini). It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail's pace. It's about trying to do everything at the right speed. Savouring the hours and minutes instead of just counting them. Doing everything as much as possible rather than as fast as possible. It's about having quality over quantity in everything. At 8PM Store we cared about choosing consciously, to slowed down and to transparency:
- for us, the main keys to a conscious consumerism is promoting a circular economy and make sure that these values can be part of a change.
Passing this values to a c
ommunity of like-minded design enthusiasts is truly importante. The focus goes behind a physical store and we give back to the community by celebrating “How To Do” and spark curiosity on our consumer community throughout inspirations on “How To Become” more sustainable and ethical, specially beside the student community.

“We've been inspired and empowered by how our communities reimagined the ways they learn, work, grow, collaborate, and continue standing up for the futures they want to see.
We’ve started questioning the ways they do things. We’ve seen local action turn into global action. And we've noticed an inherent need to collaboratively work together and address collectively the social and environmental challenges we’re facing." 

Jasmine Boerner, Creator of Matters Of Sustainability — MDEFest Talks  

Education, sustainability. IAAC, 2022
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