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The Bathroom — 2022, Jun.

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Immersive Experience

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We can work together to design and developed creative and artistic direction, concept creation and creative strategy, content development, scenography, set design and large scale installation work for any brand. If you desire to collaborate to bring to life your vision, don’t hesitate to contact us: we are your future romance! 

The Bathroom

June, 2022 — 8PM Store, Le Bath Gallery

Client: Mosaic
Year: 2022
Tags: Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, 
Advisory, Brand Strategy, Events, Ephemeral // Immersive Experience

Mosaic is a floral studio based in Barcelona, that focus on experiment with local flowers, by designing creations that are inspired by different arts. Margaux, the founder of the studio, contacted us to developed, design and create artistic ephemeral/immersive spaces where flowers were the protagonist. The aim was to communicate a initial concept by mixing different artistic languages into a premium event that would promote Art, plus positioning Mosaic and 8PM as emergent references for future premium and luxury events at Barcelona. Let Art Invade The Space was born as a response to these questions, turning a vision into a plan, into a reality. 

L.A.I.T.S. — Collab 8PM x MOSAIC
Guest Artist // Alexandra Nunes //


"What we create is limitless. How we create is limitless.
Music inspires painting, sculpture impacts photography, architecture influences fashion.
Every season, we create an art installation collaborating with other artists. Each exhibition is an immersive experience recreating an atmosphere, an environment, a scenography. "

Margaux Bastid, Founder of Mosaic

L.A.I.T.S. — The Bathroom


The initial idea was quite simple: a bottle of bubble bath soap, hanging from the ceiling, flooding the space. Our canvas was Le Bath Gallery plus the pink bathtub where several artist  had already intervene on past exhibitions. It was clear to us, that we had to re-design the space making sure that visitors would not recognize the existen space and allowing them to loose the notion of space and time. The idea of creating a coherent environment co-related to the imagery of the everyday bathroom, creating a direct link to a maze of plastic curtains was necessary.

We conceived together the sensorial exhibition having in mind the creation of three different floral installations that would be aligned and tell a single story. Choosing to work alongside Alexandra Nunes was the only option for us: she loves to convert everyday objects into sculptural pieces, especially cleaning products, making a visual critique of the consumer society.


Creating Inspirational Settings


Every object tells a story. Some objects tell many stories. We chose these objects with the idea of portraying the various universes within The Bathroom. The aim of the exhibition was to create a warm and unique setting where each art installation had a singular presence, building a dreamlike atmosphere. Designing showers, intervening in the bathtub, the sink or the toilet was essential. 


For the photographic reportage, we commissioned photographers Alexandro Moneo and Ines Barroso with artworks designed and handmade by Mosaic and 8PM. Through their clear lens and vision, they were able to capture the artworks in their ideal element. The photo shoot took place in Barcelona, inside Le Bath Gallery.

"Imagine a bathroom where art and nature take over the space,
flowers flooding  from the ceiling, from the toilet, from the sink.
Close your eyes, feel the humidity,
listen to the soft sound of water and let your senses explore..."

Artwork: Mosaic and 8PM
Year: 2022
 The Bathroom  La Toilette, La Douche, Les Flacons, Le Lavabo 
Photography: Moneo Moeno

L.A.I.T.S. — Communication (Photography, Print and digital)   & Event

"A careful balance of editorial content placed throughout the graphic piece ensured that we maintained the true essence of a magazine, resulting in a catalogue that is both visually engaging and informative." 

Ines Barroso, Co-Founder of 8PM

Art Direction, Brand Narrative, Creative Production, Editorial Design, Strategic Communication. Photography. Mosaic, 2022

L.A.I.T.S.  — Discover here

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