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The Kitchen — 2022

Immersive Experience

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We can work together to design and developed creative and artistic direction, concept creation and creative strategy, content development, scenography, set design and large scale installation work for any brand. If you desire to collaborate to bring to life your vision, don’t hesitate to contact us: we are your future romance! 


The Kitchen

October, 2022 — 8PM Store, Le Bath Gallery

Client: Mosaic
Year: 2022
Tags: Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, 
Advisory, Brand Strategy, Events, Ephemeral // Immersive Experience

L.A.IT.S. is a self-initiated project that arises from passion and permission to truly connect and communicate the ethos of the junction of Mosaic and 8PM™, through the appreciation of art, culture and everyday life. By investing their energy in creating synergies that contribute value, developing genuineness and multi-potentiality works, the result translate in a meaningful dialogue with an honest and holistic view of the surrounding environment. It is about wanting to synthesize a view about the world, it's about transforming feelings and thoughts into an immersive artistic experience.


L.A.I.T.S. — Collab 8PM™ x MOSAIC
Guest Creator // Albert Morera de Bes, Co-founder of Outerview International//


"Starting from flowers as an art form, a visual language, a method of human expression that follows a system of highly developed procedures in order to imbue objects, performances, and experiences with significance, The Kitchen is the result of that. A deep conceptual thinking that will convey deep thoughts that will question the individual to look inside themselves:
-  but with no guarantee that it will; to be sure to do so, we will force it."

Catarina Barroso, Co-Founder of 8PM

L.A.I.T.S. — The Kitchen

When we started talking about the second L.A.I.T.S. project entitled The Kitchen, the first idea that came to mind was the use of aluminium foil. The symbolism of this material not only alludes to the interior of an oven, but is also directly related to its use in cutlery and kitchen utensils, as well as offering a character of ostentatious visual value, creating a referential counterpoint to a so-called "economic" material:

- The duality present in the importance of nature and the power of nature itself, separates all the visible and invisible borders existing with the industrialised world, present in a kitchen. 

The exercise we propose is to break these barriers through an artistic language that will use floral art, along with other artistic fields, to invade the created exhibition space in order to claim its unique and unquestionable value.


Artist Curation - Future Romance


Holding the art of conceptualizing in different artistic fields, with a fresh vision, is a quality that is notorious in Morera de Bes's line of work. He is a master of crossing referents from different fields and always creating a new point of view. 

Breaking the boundaries of different languages, formats and disciplines is a hard task, but he deliveres it with love. Communicating happiness, optimism and positivism is not about being perfect: is about adapting to someone and something, to share your world with everybody else while staying truth to your vision. Is having a purpose and delivering it! By sharing the same values, we were sure that this collaboration would able us to create something mesmerizing: an immersive exhibition, that showed that creation as no limits.


Developing the initial concept into the final result obtained, was the path of depuration of a set of ideas for a concept as simple as greed. To talk about food in our contemporary society without having a critical eye on the subject would be superficial. We were aware of the lush visual power of flowers, how they would steal attention, how easily the individual would get caught in the 'rabbit hole' of beauty. To break this cycle, we had to capture attention to this paradigm. We chose to play with the myth of Narcissus. Self-observation inevitably forces one to look at one's own reflection. The choice of using a mirror on the floor would reinforce this idea and allow us to see the installation from a different perspective, adding the element of the ceiling. To cover it with survival blankets, was to accentuate the dichotomy present: of everything and nothing. The space revised with aluminium allowed for the capture of the moment when one finds oneself and the written reflection of the definition of greed. 

Greed.   // ɡri:d //          [noun]       1. intense and selfish desire for something  

L.A.I.T.S. — Communication (Photography, Print and digital) & Event

“We designed The Kitchen to give the visitor a calm and contemplative visual experience. We gave great prominence to scale, color and textures: loosing the notion of space and time it's an spiritual experience that bring us closer to us. To connect." 

Ines Barroso, Co-Founder of 8PM

A meaningful approach

We like to make a positive impact in the way we reach out to our community. We truly believe that the devil lives on the small details, so to reassure this principle we designed strong  and unique communication assets. To maintain consistency with the print resources and the immersive exhibition, along with Albert, we choose to send by post art objects as the physical invitation and steal smiles. We target 200 premium contacts, from communication agencies, studios, creators and press, that received a special and sophisticate silver bag sealed with preserved flowers inside. The graphics were designed to emphasize a contemporary look, avoiding photography entirely with a urban touch, teasing on the exhibition. 

The photographic approach that we realized to communicate on social media was an artistic approach focused on strong colors, dynamics frames, using flash light instead of natural light. The use of the flash was key to portraying the contemporary look through the analogue and digital photography, capturing these feelings of modernity. 8PM team were responsible for the photographies and the set designs.


On the nights of the event, we use traditional advertising to promote ourselves with indirectly communication. On tags of the bottles, throughout flyers or posters, any graphic element designed had a purpose: making sure we were memorized, tagged and shared by digital activation through transmedia. 

We were published in traditional  magazines plus digital platforms as: I-D Magazine, Vogue España, Time Out or Tendencias.TV.


"The perfect balance is the distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space.
If the design was a scale, these elements should be balanced to make a design feel stable.
We work for that, the perfect equilibrium of the elements."
Catarina Barroso, Co-Founder of 8PM

Art Direction, Brand Narrative, Creative Production, Editorial Design, Strategic Communication. Photography. Mosaic, 2022
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