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Santa Living™ Pop-UP  — 2019

Immersive Experience

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We work giving narrative to the events, pop-ups and images with the identity and brand values of each project. We listen to your projects and develop a creative visual proposal, where we choose each element and the place where they should be, in order to make the most of your brand image. Ready to take this ride with us?


Santa Living Launch

October, 2019 — 8PM Store, Le Bath Gallery

Client: Santa Living
Year: 2019
Tags: Art Direction, Set Design,
Advisory, Brand Strategy, Events, Ephemeral // Immersive Experience

Santa Living is a sustainable brand from Barcelona that is inspired in the Mediterranean. We were the first store sourcing and representing the Catalan brand. We saw from the beginning the creating and birth of the brand. For that reason, it make sense laughing it in our store plus receiving the first Pop-Up of Santa Living in our gallery space. Creating beside Josep and Cesar something very special as Casa Nostra Pop-Up was a pleasure. 

Santa Living™ Pop-Up — Collab 8PM™ 
Set Design Creators (AD 8PM™ x Santa Living™)


"The Catalan Empordà in general, and Cap de Creus in particular, are as beautiful as they are wild and mysterious. The rocks that kiss the Mediterranean Sea and the overwhelming force of the Tramontana have been the main sources of inspiration for Josep Vicens and César Carcaboso, the two designers behind the new Santa bed linen brand.
Having this in mind we knew that we wanted to reflect this feeling inside Le Bath Gallery: a place where you could feel at home and surrounded by elements that make you feel near the Catalan coast side, near the sea, adding also our Portuguese roots and combine them together as one."

Catarina Barroso, Founder of 8PM™

Santa Living™ Pop-Up 8PM™ & Brand Launch — Event Night

The event was highlighted by the collaboration with MC Overalls and 14 de La Rosa with the background soundtrack of Mr. K DJ set.

The visual campaign was created specifically for 8PM™ in Cap de Creus, captured by Grg Mrkt, to promote the launch of the brand and the event night, adding curated merchandise designed and created by both brands.
We received hundreds of people that night, who came to the store to experience not only our 8PM™ but also the immersive space created for the pop-up event.
For the first time clients could touch the fabrics and understand in first hand the premium quality of Santa's linen products. The reception was incredible!


Storytellers Enthusiasts

Thinking, designing and creating a new brand is complex. Is more than what you see: the layers are almost endless but one thing is certain, you have to have a story to tell. It can be about values like sustainability, but there is always something personal that goes over the rational. Emotions are part of what we are as humans and by showcasing them, customers immediately relate. Putting a face over a brand, diving in raw emotions, offering personal visual content, makes a real connection. We are more than numbers, we are real, we believe and stand up for our personal and professional projects, therefore we knew that we had to show up.
Having all this in considerations we use our image to promote the launch of, what we considerate one of the best linen brands in the Spanish market. We knew the foundation and we vouch for their values - all products, consisting of duvet covers and pillowcases, are made of organic cotton fabrics in percale quality with a yarn density of 200. They produce a very fresh and pleasant feel to the touch and, to top it off, they are very resistant and stay smooth wash after wash. Produced in the Portuguese city of Guimarães (where the virgin cotton is received, spun and woven under the same roof where the final product is made, thus reducing the environmental impact of production), they convey visual poetry, with premium quality, based in real sustainability. 

Off White - Standing For What We Believe

8PM™ is the result of continuous exchanges and collaborations with young designers, artists and creators.
Santa Living™ trusted us with their dreams and realization. We knew that the trust was mutual so why not translate it in a picture. The deep connection of it. Depuration is powerful, its raw. Having that in mind, we had to choose raw materials, raw colors, raw emotions, raw walls. Together with Adriana  Gastélum, Grg Mrkt, César and Josep, we created the two photos that were the core of the promotional campaign to the launch of the new brand in town. 



We associated with the artist Brillo to create merchandising products to promote the collaboration and as a testimony of Casa Nostra Pop-Up. He designed an illustration based on the aesthetic of Santa Living™ and we produce a limited editions of tote-bags and t-shirts in organic cotton fabric, produced and printed in Barcelona.  
The collection was sold out immediatly.  

"Santa is a reconciliation with our roots, a balance between the folklore of the Catalan Empordà coast and the contemporary. Casa Nostra has been created using small pieces from the most hidden places of Cap de Creus. We have designed each piece based on the colours, textures and shapes offered by the nature of our land."

César Carcaboso, Co-Founder of Santa Living™

"Our product can only be found in our online shop and at 8PM Store, personally a reference in concept stores in Barcelona - we did a pop up in October for a month, where you could buy and experiment with our brand. A success!"

Josep Vicens, Founder of Santa Living™ (Metal Magazine)

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Art Direction, Set Design, , Advisory, Brand Strategy, Events,
Ephemeral // Immersive Experience
Santa Living™, 2019
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