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Interviews, 2019//2020

Welcome to 8PM™ Talks! 
To discover more about the creators we ask eight questions about their work, life and general likes and dislikes. To see the faces behind every project bring us together and builds out a community of like-minded creators enthusiasts. These interviews are leaded by Catarina Barroso and the guest creator. All © are reserved to 8PM™.


8PM™ Talks —  15

Ines Barroso — Released Feelings [26.04.2018]

Words by Catarina Barroso


1. Like // Don't Like

I like simplicity and the simplicity of life itself / I don't like when we lose the focus on simplicity 
I like to like and knowing what i do not like / I don't like cold
I like to change tastes when necessary, to re-discover things / I don't like when people force me to like something
I like my friends / I don't like the lack of respect in general 
I like to love / I don't like the constant coherence as a way of living  
I like intimacy / I don't like the fear of it
I like freedom / I don't like when it is put it in danger
I like a lot of things. Like the sea, traveling, reading books and losing myself / I don't like many of the social 'isms'


2. If someone is reading this talks and still doesn't know you, could you introduce yourself?

I was born in Lisbon, on a rainy day in May, in the golden age of the 80s. Lionel Richie's Hello song was the number one hit of that great day, which apart of the rain, it was entitled to confetti's, champagne and much much love.I moved to Barcelona after living 9 months in Valencia, after living 22 happy years in Lisbon. I was moved by the interest of knowing and exploring new worlds and Google simply wasn't enough. Optimistic by nature, I found myself believing that one has to pursue happiness and do the things that one loves. I have a romantic punk attitude about it: I believe in creation without obvious restrictions, in an organic and free process. In recent years, I have deepened my knowledge in the world of illustration and art direction. I think that's where I can communicate my ethos better. At the end of the day, it's all about love for me. My work is a reflection of that, I think it is generous and sincere. My motto is to celebrate art, love and simplicity on everyday life. I think 8PM™, Le Bath Gallery and my personal work is a reflection of this.

3. How did you decided to be an illustrator? Did you discovered it on your childhood or later in life?

Actually I do not think I decided to be an illustrator. Barcelona and my experiences in this city took me to it. I believe that we are the outline of experiences and I think illustration is that: a positive result that allows me to communicate. But as a child I loved losing myself in my own world and using my imagination to take those images to a real dimension. So, choosing drawing, photography or graphic design as a communication platform was a very natural choice for me.


4. Sculpture, graphic design, illustration, photography... you have work many techniques over the years. Do you have a favorite? What are your references?

Having had the pleasure of having studied Fine Arts, I was able to learn and develop different methods of expression, learn to create a visual language of my own, explore different techniques and approaches. It is not about favoritism but about practicality: in the last years I work more with illustration, graphic design and photography. But all the techniques are fundamental and are the foundations of my artistic work without exception, it depends on what I want to communicate.
My references are life itself: my experiences, lost words, a conversation or a pending conversation, gestures, looks, a sound, silence, music, a smile, a discussion, colors, tears, sculptures, the sea, joy, sadness, a book, a movie, a texture, a taste. me, you: our math. We. Everything and nothing. The tangible and intangible world.
If you ask me if you have to have visual references: yes, you have to do a constant homework and know what others are doing. It is very important to have a deep visual knowledge, to consume a lot of image, a lot of creativity, there are very many good creatives in this world. You have to drink from all sources and keep looking and digging deep in yourself. Gain awareness. Information and knowledge allow you to evolve and remain humble. And then you have to know how to stop, distill and make yours.


5. In your drawings you use figures related to the space/universe, such as constellations and stars. Where does this love comes from? What do you want to transmite when you use them?.

It is not something that I can explain in a few words. It is something very personal, but they appear as linguistic signs.
For me they are like a visual dictionary of my creative world that places a time and a space to that plain image. The whole concept of the third dimension gains form and elevates the illustration to a higher level, in which the importance of the levels of consciousness, as its characteristics plus ways of thinking and feeling make you be in the third dimension in a two-dimensional format. It's complex but simple at the same time: a 2D that transforms into a 3D without the need for the cool red/blue paper glasses. Otherwise, simply: we are all stardust!


6. Currently, you live in Barcelona. How does your work is influenced by the city? What did it brought to you and would you changed?

Barcelona is the city that caught my eyes from the first day. It is a relationship with more than a decade, in which I still feel that I am not part of it, except when I leave. It always inspires me to do more, to discover more, to challenge myself more, to want to leave and perhaps not to return. 
Not because I do not love her, because she has given me a lot. But because I am an nomad at heart.
As a city it is a city that is open to the world, people come from all sides with dreams and at the same time is very closed due to her sine qua non condition. Dualities of a cosmopolitan city. But it is a city that has a set of wonderful people, creative and that inspire me every day. Here I have my emotional structures that have strengthened me: my friendships, love and my second family. 


7. You are one of the founders of 8PM™ Store & Le Bath Gallery. Do you have expansions plans? Where do you like to direct the project, in medium and long term?

I am a person who can not plan anything in the medium or long term. I believe that life is made day by day. This is how this project was born, from a simple: do we do it? So the future will tell us. I do not know nothing. Everything is possible.​
But I have a sincere hope that 8PM™ & Le Bath Gallery will reach a large number of people. It is a project that has all the tools to continue growing on in a conceptual level and that its synergies remain active. It is more than a simple concept store and we strive to make a difference in the market. More than talking about expansion plans for me, the important thing is to work with people who love art, fashion and the concept of a unique and irreverent LifeStyle. That look for more sustainable answers and a broader consciousness when producing and consuming.
I would like 8PM™ could become a reference. That designers look for us for future collaborations such as those we are already develop with Art & Art and Albert Madaula. That our curatorial project can go beyond existing borders and that we can inspire anyone who likes and we can take 8PM as a brand in itself to any part of the world.
We work with a lot of love and I hope that it feels bad to enter the door. At the end of the day that's what we have left: doing things just because we can!


8. Would you dedicate us a self-portrait?

Yes! =)


8PM™ Talks —  16

Alexandra Nunes — The Shape Of Colors [25.06.2018]

Words by Catarina Barroso


1. Like // Don't Like

I like to start the day by drinking my coffee / I don't like to rush 

I like the smell of new plastic / I don't like it when it has lost that smell

I like Summer / I don't like Winter

I like the breeze / I don't like the wind

I like to touch everything as my eyes go / I don't like to be told that I can't touch 

I like, LOVE pets 


2. Could you introduce yourself to our readers? Who is Alexandra Nunes?

A Portuguese girl (1981) from Lisbon, who has been living and working in Barcelona for 6 years. I graduated in Fine Arts in Lisbon. My trajectory in the art world is expressed through sculpture as well as on paper, I continue to develop my work in both fields as they are connected and provide two types of vision.In recent years, my sculpture and drawing work has been presented in several galleries in Portugal and Barcelona, in solo and group exhibitions, as well as in magazines and other publications.  Currently I am still focused on the search for new techniques and materials, being colour and glitter (glitter) the background of my inspiration and manipulation.

3. When and how did you decide to become an artist and what do you like most about your work?

I studied Fine Arts, but I've had a taste for "handicrafts" since I was a child. To become an artist, well I don't know, when you finish the university, they already give you that degree but the truth is that I feel a person with a lot of passion for art and for my works that are born from my imagination and from a lot of inspiration. 


4. What influences you in your daily life and what would you say are your main references? What people, ideas, moments inspire you when you create?


My references range from Kandinsky for his chromatic harmony, to Mark Rothko for expressing himself exclusively through colour, to Tàpies for his own style and his combination of tradition and innovation, and many others who would never finish this answer. 
What influences me? The environment that surrounds me, the colours, the fashion, everything that makes me fall in love and my inner world are the pillars of my creations.


5. In 8 words, how can you define 8PM™ & LeBath Gallery?

Irreverent, exciting, rewarding, different, original, inspiring, attractive, captivating and exclusive.


6. What piece of design from our Concept Store would you give as a gift to yourself?

The truth is that I love everything, all the collections you have are wonderful, but if I had to choose one, I would choose the VLIK EYEWEAR sunglasses, which by the way I already gave them to myself hehehehehe.


7. How have things changed since you came to live in Barcelona? Do you think that living in Barcelona has contributed to or influenced the work you are developing now?

Yes, quite a lot, these last few years here in Barcelona have helped me a lot to start up projects that for me would only be graphic notebook projects. Ideas that you think may not be very captivating in the eyes of others, as is the case of materials such as glitter or diamonds, but the truth is that they came out of the sketch and became reality and I hope that even more will come out of it because there is no lack of ideas....
I think that it is often difficult to get to where we want to be as artists, when your projects are a bit incompatible in the eyes of the galleries, who don't know how to title or label your work and that scares them, so they prefer not to risk exposing you. Luckily we are changing a lot and we don't need a traditional gallery anymore and we have spaces (like yours) with an open mind and a desire to show something different without having to label your type of work and without questioning why you have done it...


8. Would you dedicate us a self-portrait?

Yes! (poster photography) 


8PM™ Talks —  06

Guillem S. Arquer — La inspiración existe, pero... [06.04.2018]

Words by Catarina Barroso


1. Like // Don't Like

I like to explore abandoned places / I don't like the logics that cause their abandonment
I like helping others / I don't like working for others
I like anti-development theories / I don't like where the digital age is taking us
I like randomness / I don't like random games of chance


2. So that our followers can get to know you a little better, could you introduce yourself? Who is Guillem S. Arquer? ?

Well, Guillem S. Arquer is a white, European, middle-class, university-educated, heterosexual guy who makes an artistic production based on mediation with his environment.

3. How would you define your identity as an artist and what do you intend to transmit through your work? What are your references?

My artistic production is based on the imaginary of that which is residual and peripheral, articulated from the dialectic of trace and absence.A practice aimed - from an interdisciplinary perspective - at mediating with/evidencing the political, social and economic characteristics that define the experience of the individual in contemporary times.
My influences come from the visual arts as much as from music, literature, poetry, cinema, anthropology or philosophy. My references range from the literary work of J.G Ballard to Punk, the geopolitical and economic theories of David Harvey, the canvases of Daniel Ostrowski, the sound of Doom, the early works of Richard Serra or the concrete infrastructures that enclose the peripheral territory.


4. Do you have some kind of ritual that you never miss in your creative process? What inspired you the most?


I find it fundamental to read and make, basically. 
I don't believe in inspiration, rather I relate the basis of my work to the connection that is established between ideas shaped by what I may have seen, heard or explored. Many of them come about by chance, but it is still a chance conditioned by the interests that constitute my gaze.
As far as the activity of reading is concerned, I consider that by chaining together readings, basing the choices on particular interests, each person follows a path that allows them to get to know and visualise different approaches, from subjectivities that are alien to them, on a specific reality. Enriching oneself with the experiences of others opens up a possible way out of the alienation from otherness that prevails in our hedonistic and narcissistic society.
A ritual that I have very much internalized and in which I find great satisfaction is to smoke a cigarette after working with concrete, observing how the still wet material begins to set to become a rigid and indivisible object - a large part of my current production is based on material and conceptual work with concrete, for The inspiration exists but it has to find you working I don't use it as the exhibition is based on the interaction of my artistic production with my working life.



5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be creative?

That now perhaps the most creative thing to do is not to be creative.


6. What other projects do you have in mind, what are you working on and what other plans do you have for 2018?

As of today, I'm preparing the publication of Terra incognita within the framework of the ART JOVE'18 grant from the Generalitat de Catalunya with the collaboration of the Centre d'Art La Panera in Lleida, which will be published at the end of this year.The publication is based on the project I carried out, with the same name in 2017, in which I set up my workshop in the Riera de Caldes, under the bridge of the C-33 motorway, between the municipalities of La Llagosta and Mollet del Vallès where, using materials available in the environment - objects from illegal dumps in the area and natural resources available in the vicinity - I "furnished" my workshop and made my production. The publication is based on the transcription of the diary I wrote in the blank spaces on the pages of my copy of J. G. Ballard's Concrete Island - which is at the same time the great reference for Terra incognita - and the photographic documentation I generated during the development of the project.


7. In 8 words, how would you define 8PM™ & LeBath Gallery?
And, what piece of design from our store or artwork from Le Bath™ would you give as a gift to yourself or someone you love?


Pleasant, bathtub, washbasin, multipurpose, arty, cool, pink, porthole.

The truth is that what I would take from 8PM I already have at home and it is the book Vera by Oriol Bruc, with the fantastic illustrations by Albert Madaula both on the cover and inside the book...My recommendation is based on the fact that very few times can you enjoy/share in such a direct way the evolution of an author throughout the process of creation of his first work as in Vera and see how this very process ends up structuring the rhythm of the book until the end.


8. Would you dedicate us a self-portrait?

Yes! (poster photography) 


8PM™ Talks —  07

Yaroslava Umanets — Amor y Ansiedad [16.02.2018]

Words by Catarina Barroso


1. Like // Don't Like

I like to be real / I don't like having to look like I'm real

I like to talk in person / I don't like bad manners

I like to be faithful in everything / I don't like to fail at it


2. For those who don't know you yet, can you introduce yourself and explain a bit about who you are and what you do?

I'm not very good at explaining myself (sounds typical, doesn't it?).
I'm a 24 year old advertising actress and artist frustrated with my inner world and the constant sentimental struggle. 

3. Where does your interest in painting come from?

I've been painting for as long as I can remember. I gave it up, got lost, reintroduced it and came back with what for me is a kind of therapy. Expressing your feelings and not holding back is the key. With painting I achieve this. 


4. In 8 words, how can you define your work?

Liberation, Anxiety, Love, Depression, Friendship, Souls, Russia and Dilemma.


5. Do you have any rituals when starting a new painting? And could you tell us a bit about your working process?

A There is no ritual, it's the need to send everything to hell and to be able to analyse myself. Sometimes I make sketches, like a psychoanalysis, if the drawing conveys to me what I feel at the moment 100%, I take it to the large format. Sometimes it's direct and improvised. 


6. As a millennial, how has social media influenced your work?

To be honest, social media is part of my anxieties. Sometimes it becomes a comparison and creates insecurity, but it is clearly a key tool to give visibility.
That's where my internal struggles with the unreal come from, but we won't go into that, it's too complex to summarise in 3 sentences. 


7. Which piece of design from our Concept Design Store would you treat yourself to?

Lots of them, I love everything. I have already made some gifts from 8PM™


8. Would you dedicate us a self-portrait?


Narratives, Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, Brand Strategy
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