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8PM™ Talks

Interviews — 2017 // 2022

Intimate conversations with the artists and creators featured on Le Bath Gallery. In 8 questions, we introduce our creators to our community.

Available every month on our website, in fanzine format in-store and soon a full print edition compilation in magazine format.


8PM™ Talks

2017 // 2022 — 8PM Store, Le Bath Gallery

Client: 8PM™ Store & Le Bath Gallery
Year: 2017 // 2022
Tags: Narratives, Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, 
Brand Strategy

We knew from the start that 8PM™ Store was more than just a physical and online shop. We wanted to create a platform that supported emerging creators and gave them a voice in the local community. We are magazine lovers and collectors: we knew that creating this content would inevitably be part of our story. 

Le Bath Gallery has been home to over 50 visual artists. Sharing their story was key, it was a declaration of love for all of them, a deep interest in knowing their story and putting a face to each of them through images and words.

8PM™ Talks — 2021, Le Femme Monographies 
8PM™ Store & Le Bath Gallery


"While the pandemic isn't over, we're gradually returning to a semblance of normality. However what’s left in the wake is a clear sense that we are in need of systemic change. Having that in mind, in the art world woman don't have the same opportunities or recognition that male artists have. As woman entrepreneurs we wanted to raise awareness and give power to women voices. To make part of the change, 2021
Le Bath Gallery only featured woman artists in solo exhibitions. The result was a powerful collection of interviews that talked about deep thoughts, struggles and the power of resilience."

Ines Barroso, Co-Founder of 8PM

8PM™ Talks — 2017//2020: Art, Love & Everyday Life
8PM™ Store & Le Bath Gallery

8PM™ Talks began with the dream of transmitting our love of art and photography through words, with the illusion of one day being able to create together with the creators a reference in the world of magazines and publications. The energy lies in the exhibitions created, the interviews done; all that remains is to define the editorial plan. We have conceived in the last few years a simple fanzine and we are still defining the editorial plan of the collection of the 24 interviews and 50 exhibitions.
The idea of gathering creative people from various fields (photography, illustration, contemporary art, literature) on a single topic (recycling, love, hope), like a curated gallery exhibition, but on paper is the result of 8PM™ Talks.


Index 8PM™ Talks — Love Letters 

Pink Secret Gallery  No.1 // No.12  [2017-2018]    read here     01Mónica Figueras, Orange Water   02Vanina Bruc, Vera 
     03Sar, Handmade Jewelry          04Lucas Milà, Apalingos          05Vlik, Eyeware       
06Guillem S. Arquer, La Inspiración Existe       07Yaroslava Umanets, Amor y Ansiedad   
   08Josep Moya, Local Pattern     09Joaquim Bolibar, Art&Art     10Josep Vila Capdevilla, Aparentment      
11Oriol  Aribau, Into The Shadows        12Juan Ignacio Barbieri, Casitas

Pink Secret Gallery No.13 // No.24  [2019-2020]   read here   13Yaroslava Umanets,Я       14Maria Herreros, por una vez, Yo       15Ines Barroso, Released Feelings   16Alexandra Nunes, The Shape Of Colors       17Collar, Summer Poetry      
18Vega Hernando, Eating Patterns       
19Albert Florent, Arquitecturas y Habitaciones 
20Selva Rodriguez, Ancestral Celebration       21Las Rodrigos's Manifesto, Creative Process    
22Santa Living, Casa Nostra         23Gustav Arnetz, Photography        24Naida C. Castel, Jewelry

Le Femme Monographies  No.1 // No.5  [2021]     01Maria Herreros, Not My Job      
02Margaux Bastid, The Flower Experience      03Allison Malinsky, The Edge Of The Woods          
04Debi Hasky, Flow State          05Maria Gimena Herrera, Blanco sobre Negro 

8PM™ Talks Magazine — Coming Soon

"We currently are working on editorial content to create a magazine that catalogues the story of 8PM™ Concept Store and Le Bath Gallery" 

Ines Barroso, Co-Founder of 8PM™

Narratives, Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design, Brand Strategy
8PM Store, 2017//2022

8PM Concept Store  — Discover here

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The Bathroom, The Kitchen — 2022

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