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Creative Talks 2022 (Lockdown)

Art, Design & Art Direction is an online platform that shares art, cuture and design through InstagramTV and Youtube. This platform was originated during the confinement for the Covid 19 and wanted to help artists and creators of all type giving them a voice to share their art and thoughts and creating an international community.


2020, Lockdown — Digital

Client: 8PM™ Store & Le Bath Gallery
Year: 2020 (Lockdown)
Tags: Narratives, Art Direction, 
Brand Strategy, Digital events, Production

In 2020, Art and culture were suffering one of their deepest crises ever. To address this problem we created a channel were we gave voice to the creators. We were able to manage a curate guest list of unique individuals (that were kind to support our platform) even when the world was shutting down.  The variety of the creators reflected as visual artists, designers, artisans, singers & performers, writers, journalist... The purpose was to give them a space where they could share their creations and thoughts about their work, culture and talk about the pandemic situation. The list was diverse and the community grow based of the many options of content that they could choose from everyday for the two months of lockdown. Everyday you had the option to connect to our channel at the same time — 8pm UTC+01:00 — and listen and make questions to the invited artist. When needed we had an interviewer to make the bridge between the guest and the community and to be the mediator to the conversation. For us it was importante this journey through a variety of cultural expressions, aiming to a holistic conception of the arts: they are all connected, they all make us feel something, therefore they are all relevant and should all be claimed as an essential part of social life. They made us connect and feel connected. — Holistic Conception Of The Arts

"Multidisciplinary foundations make one part of a balanced whole:

encouraging cultural diversity, making us more complete and connected."

Catarina Barroso, Founder of 8PM — Mentioned by Metal Magazine
Art Director of Vogue Spain - Oscar Germade

"Yes, Covid-19 has us all in quarantine. Confinement can be hard, and for many, coping with boredom and anxiety is not so easy. If you have already finished all the series you had pending, you have cooked all the recipes you had never dared to try before, and you have accumulated four hundred hours of meditation, yoga and fitness, don't worry, there is much more to do. Trust us because from today we start a daily agenda with some of the best online plans: streaming concerts, courses, classes and trainings, literary and film recommendations... Everything fits on a screen. If you have wi-fi, don't stress and start planning your day with these suggestions."

David Valero, Metal Megazine


The campaign 
— Spreading More Culture To The Masses —

We knew that creating a new digital tv channel to communicate culture & everyday life in the first days of confinement was needed but complex. We started broadcasting on the 17th of March having planned 3 weeks of talks in advance. We knew that we wanted to reach out not only to our community but to a bigger audience. To do so, we invited Facundo Marcote (@lafacu)  a very known influencer of the TikTok platform, to host everyday the the special guest of the day and to promote their work.
The growth of the community was impressive and everyday we had viewers from all around the globe.

For purposes of growth we were able to book relevant names in the contemporary art and cultural scene, acting as brand ambassadors like Ricardo Cavolo, Maria Herreros, Albert Madaula, Mireia Ruiz, Norman Vilalta, Mina Serrano, Oscar Germade, Ramon Maiden, Allisson Malinsky, Wete, Imma Sust.  One month after the launched on the Instagram, the posts generated a combined total of 1k likes and comments, reflecting a committed and happy audience. 

Narratives, Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Digital events, Production
8PM Store, 2020
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