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Catarina and Ines are the founders of this creative space that came to life in 2017.
The two sisters created a concept store that values genderless, inclusive and timeless choices.
Passionate about life, art, creativity, people and everyday life, they do everything with love and purpose.
From designing the amazing store, to choosing the local designers, to organizing exhibitions in the secret gallery, everything is effortlessly stylish, authentic and conveys a cool vibe. 
They believe in a better comsuption mindset, in a more sustainable world.
They believe in change.


 Since we opened in July 2017 we collaborated with over 60 upcoming designers and 50 visual artists. We believe in showcasing innovative work, communicating different point of views and giving voice to new creators. 


It's not an easy task, specially now that consumers are used to mainstream brands, fast fashion and globalization.

Our aim is to always bring new discussions on the table, by working with sustainable brands, limited editions and new start-up businesses. This is why we work with local designers and local production.


This slogan means that we need to think before we purchase,

prioritize choosing over easy shopping


Thank you for your support, for making this platform a safe space, for coming into our homes and for taking a creative ride to the land of the dreamers, where the sky is pink.


If you are a customer who has questions, a designer/artist who wants to collaborate, an investor who wants to contribute to a greater cause by transforming an Art gallery into a living dream,

just write us to  


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