Allison is an artist who is committed to express her emotions and reflections on the world, through her own language and imagery, with extreme sensitivity, honesty and refinement. Her work reflects our connection with the visible and invisible world, highlighting the dichotomy between the nature of being with the spiritual and the intangible world.

Her work speaks directly to my heart and soul:
- It's impossible not to feel her candid spirit and deep connection to nature throug her works of painting or sculpture. Her voice is powerful, relevant and unique. 





Margaux has the ability of stealing smiles and giving a warm hug with her work easily. Your eyes will tear up with joy, you will feel understood, you will feel special and loved. More than making bouquets, Margaux leveled up her craftsmanship to a point that she does art with nature.
Flowers are beautiful for themselves, is true, but the way that she handles them, she is able to create a visual connection that goes beyond the lines of a simple bouquet.
She brings her work to life as famous painters that we know so well: 
Henri Matisse, Vicent  Van Gogh or Paul Gauguin. She use the colour of petals as paint, the different textures of natural stems  as
chiaroscuro techniques:
- her creativity doesn't have limits.





Maria is able to capture through a brush or pencil the intrinsic aura of each one, making the difficult seem easy. Her beauty is real, imperfect, natural, intense, raw. Whether they are anonymous characters or celebrities, the faces she creates are a mirror of humanity itself.

I fell in love with her work almost a decade ago and have had the happiness of meeting her, seeing her grow and collaborating with her through Le Bath Gallery. We couldn't start 2021 any other way!